Amplus is established – but still young.

Amplus is growing. We’re matured enough to identify our priorities – safety, collaboration and responsible innovation – but there’s still plenty to do.

For us, growth and development has no completion date; it’s an ongoing process to stay flexible, agile, unencumbered, and grow in the ways that matter – to our clients, the industry, and aligned with our corporate responsibilities.
The unique capability of our unique VPU concept mirrors our drive to take something old, and make it new. This is how we guarantee safety; we won’t accept the idea of safe enough, or of shying from change because it’s inconvenient. 

With innovation and a forward-thinking attitude, we know the industry can change, be even more consciousness and aware of its impact, and strive to realise a better tomorrow. Safety and the protection of our environment is everything for us. It’s hardcoded into our products and our corporate life – it’s the compass we use in our decisions and to design our products and services.

Everything you’ll see at Amplus is enthused by a goal of ensuring safety whilst preserving the environment – both for our employees and for our clients

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We don't have any opportunities at the moment, but we’re always interested in hearing from talented individuals that would like to contribute to Amplus.

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